7 Reasons to Foster a Dog

You will find that there are lots of different reasons to foster a dog, and it will help to go through and read this list before making your final decision. Fostering a dog is a big responsibility, but there are many upsides and benefits to consider as well.

7 Reasons to Foster a Dog

1. You’ll increase the dog’s chance of getting a permanent home

One of the best reasons to adopt a dog is that you will significantly increase its chances of living a long, healthy life and getting permanently adopted by someone. Whether it is a family or just an individual that has a love for dogs, you will be helping the animal to find a great new home.

Many shelters that fail to find homes for dogs within a certain amount of time euthanize them, so you will literally be saving their life.

2. You will be able to teach the dog important social skills

Most shelter dogs have behavioral problems, including problems socializing normally with people. By taking a dog in temporarily, you will be able to help socialize it for when a permanent owner comes along. If you have other dogs in your home, they might just appreciate having a playmate, at least for a while.

3. You will find out just how ready you are to own a dog

Although fostering a dog is only temporarily and can last a couple weeks or a few months, it will be a great way to find out whether or not you are really up for owning your own dog. Bringing a dog home permanently is a big deal, so fostering one for just a few weeks can be a great way to test the waters and see what kind of an experience you have.

While it is true that not all dogs are the same, it is still a good idea if you have been thinking about getting a dog lately but aren’t one hundred percent sure about it.

4. You could end up with a new dog permanently

Many people who foster dogs that have trouble getting a permanent owner end up adopting them. If you really like the dog you are fostering, you can choose to make them a permanent part of your family whenever you want. If you feel want to keep the dog only temporarily until a permanent owner can be found, that is perfectly okay too.

5. Volunteering feels great

You will undoubtedly feel great about yourself for doing something as amazing as saving a dog from potentially being euthanized and finding it a permanent, loving home. Volunteering also looks great on job applications/resumes and will provide you with a deep sense of personal fulfillment.

If you have been looking for a good volunteering opportunity, fostering a dog is definitely an option worth considering.

6. It’s a good alternative to donating

If you simply do not have the money to donate to a dog foster organization, fostering one of these animals is an excellent and inexpensive alternative. The foster organization will cover most of the expenses for the pet your foster, so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on vet trips and other things.

Many people choose to foster a dog instead of donating money, and there are lots of benefits associated with doing so.

7. The dog will live with you rather than at a shelter

While it is true that there are some shelters out there that aren’t terrible for dogs to live in temporarily, your home will most likely be a better place for it. You can rest easy knowing that you took at least one dog out of the shelter and into your warm, loving home, even if it is just for a little while.

Any shelter dog would most likely prefer your home to the shelter by a great deal, so keep that in mind if you are thinking about fostering one.