How to Dog Proof Your Home

Before you bring a new dog into your home, it is important that you take certain measures to ensure that they are safe and do not do any unnecessary harm to themselves or your personal belongings.

Puppies can be very destructive and curious, especially when they are introduced to a new environment, which is why you will need to dog proof your home effectively before bringing a new dog into it.

How to Dog Proof Your Home

There are small plastic gates that you can buy to block off certain areas of your home that you do not want your dog to enter, such as the upstairs, basement, or anywhere else.

A child gate will most likely do just fine, but it is important that you buy one that is sturdy and will get the job done without any issues. If you are bringing home a large adult dog, you will definitely want to get a gate that it cannot get over.

You will also want to take the time to move any dangling cords from lamps, stereos, telephones, and other electronics out of the way, as your new dog may want to chew on them or at the very least knock certain things over with its tail.

This is very common, especially with big dogs and puppies, which is why you will need to do it before bringing your dog home. Move any house plants that may be poisonous for your dog in case it tries to eat them.

You will need to always assume that your dog will try to eat anything within its reach, because that is simply the nature of these animals.

When it comes to removing any potentially dangerous or poisonous things that your new dog might eat, you will also want to think about any medications, household cleaning solutions, chocolate, and other things that may be within reach of your dog.

Always make an effort to keep things that are potentially poisonous to your dog securely tucked away and out of its reach, because otherwise you could be dealing with disastrous results.

If you have children who tend to leave small toys that your dog could choke on lying on the floor, make sure to put them away so it is not in danger.

A dog can choke on certain small objects like LEGO blocks just like a child can, which is why you will need to keep this in mind if you are bringing a new dog home.

It is also a good idea to make sure that the fence or gate in your backyard is completely secure with no holes or other vulnerabilities that your dog can use to escape. Whether you have a wood or chain link fence, it is important that you take the time to look it over so as to make sure that your pet will be contained in the yard.

If there are any issues with your gate or fence, take the time to make the necessary repairs before letting your new dog out.

If you use pesticides in your garden outside, make sure you do not use them on any plants or vegetables that are within reach of your dog, as they could be dangerous or even fatal for them. You can also create some sort of barrier between the dog and the garden or plants if you do use pesticides, which is another good solution to consider.

If you have a pet door or are planning on putting one in your door, you will need to make sure that it is the right size so your dog can fit through without any issues.

Dog-proofing your house is very important if you are planning on bringing home one of these animals soon, because they need to be protected just like a child. Dogs often eat and do things they do not know are bad or dangerous for them, which is why you will have to take responsibility for protecting them from themselves.